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Innovative Work Culture


The importance of a winning culture was underscored in Bain & Company’s latest worldwide survey of management tools and trends: 91% of the 1,200 senior executives at global companies surveyed agreed that “culture is as important as strategy for business success.”


In this course, students will learn how to create a winning culture and establish a work environment that supports constant innovation, by communicating the entrepreneurial vision, developing collaborative teams, and creating a culture of creativity and innovation. Students will learn strategies that successful companies use for managing innovation, design, concept creation, and workflow. They will explore how the workplace environment supports creativity, profitability, innovation, communication, and collaboration, and fosters the development of new products, services, and revenue streams. 


Course Learning Outcomes :

  • Perform a culture audit and set new expectations. 

  • Align the team to foster innovation and collaboration.

  • Gain clarity about how to create an organization focused on results and accountability. 

  • Manage and understand the drivers of culture. 

Suggested Text: 

Total Credit Hours: 3.0



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