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Strategy & Negotiations


You also spend a significant part of your day negotiating, whether you're always aware of it or not. Negotiating effectively helps you reach agreements, achieve objectives, strengthen your relationships, and ultimately be more productive. An entrepreneur needs strong analytic skills to develop optimal solutions to problems, but they also need negotiation expertise to implement these solutions and bring them to market. In this course, you will gain valuable insight into how to be a more effective negotiator and secure more of what you want in life. Through lectures, vignettes and hands-on exercises you will understand the components of effective negotiations, analyze your own behavior and practice your negotiation skills.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Evaluate the costs and benefits of different actions and how to manage the negotiating process.

  • Enhance your ability to understand and predict the behavior of individuals in competitive situations.

  • Improve your ability to analyze the negotiation situation and develop a strategic plan to improve your ability to negotiate effectively.

  • Develop confidence in the negotiation process.

Required Text: 

Total Credit Hours: 3.0



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