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5 ways to train your brain to stay focused

In today's world of instant access makes it hard to stay focused and productive. There is a constant stream of emails, phone calls and people demanding your attention. The large amount of digital distractions create a desire by the brain to multi-task, which gives us an emotional "rush." However, multi-tasking makes us sloppy, and we can often miss important information. Focusing on one task at a time provides better results faster. Below are 5 tips to train your brain to stay focused. 1. Make a list of items you need to accomplish and post it where you can see it. (I like desktop post-it notes) 2. Start the morning with the most challenging tasks. As the day goes on, it is easier to get distracted and takes more energy to stay focused. 3. Close your door and shut off your phone for one hour increments. Also, make sure you have a clean desk. A work environment without interruptions/distractions needs to be Actively created. 4. In between your hour tasks, schedule 15 minutes of email/voicemail checks to prevent these tasks from taking over your day. 5. Practice concentration on a task the same way people train their minds to meditate. If you find your mind is wandering, make an Active effort to bring it back to the task at hand. Over time this will become easier and eventually it will take no effort at all. Entrepreneurs always have a lot on their plate so staying focused, create deadlines and get an accountability coach.


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