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21st Century Business Plan +  5yr Projected Financial Model 


I will use my experience as an institutional investor to craft the perfect story around your business and will provide all the necessary marketing documents to raise capital, sell your business or  meet any immigration visa needs. 


Estimated turnaround: 10 business days.



Small Business Development + Strategy Consulting


I will help you clarify your vision, explore the right business model for your business, craft long-term and short-term goals, set your revenue and expense model, scope out the competition and brainstorm on new products and services. 


Estimated engagement: 6-12 months.



Culture Transformation Plan + Implementation Support  


Align your staff with your business strategy to deliver profit through people and purpose. I will work with you to create game-changing customer experiences via an innovative and engaging culture which delivers excellence for the business, employees and shareholders.


Estimated engagement: 6 months.




Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation


Influenced by the spirit of Silicon Valley, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship masters program blends educational content with masterminding and coaching to help you acquire the skills and mindset you need to solve your business challenges and grow your business. The intent of this program is to be educational and a LOT of fun! 

Program Length: 10 Months.



BIGplans Mastermind Group


The Elite Mastermind Group is a powerful accountability group that gives individuals a platform to collaborate, share resources together, support each other, and generally empower each other to do bigger and better things in the world. Membership is limited to 15 select individuals. 


Program Length: 10 Months.



BIGplans Business Workshops


The Elite Business Workshops are  a series of hands-on workshops intended to help you with a variety of different topics in business. All our workshops are guaranteed to provide value! 

Schedule to be Posted Soon


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