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“A Goal without a Plan is just a Wish.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Who is Kavita Sahai?

Kavita has 20+ years of experience working with entrepreneurs that are looking to better the world through technology, education, healthcare and/or business model innovation. She has worked on over $800M successful investment plans.  


Through a proven process, she will help you grow and sell your business at a high multiple. She has worked as a professional Mergers & Acquisition investment banker, as an investor with large investment firms like Sun Capital Partners and TA Associates, and as an operator at SOC and 21drops, both companies which she helped grow to over several million in sales!

She graduated Summa Cum Laude with a finance major from the University of Florida and received her MBA as a Haas Merit Scholar from UC Berkeley


Kavita helped establish the entrepreneurship program at Lynn University and has a long-standing passion for teaching.

Clients' Raves: From LinkedIn

Yogi Patel

"Kavita has been our business advisor for almost a year. She has a unique blend of strategy, execution, thought leadership, and personality. From the first conversation, it was clear that she wanted to understand our business objectives and create the right growth strategy around them.
She always impresses me with her creative yet simple solutions to complex business problems and opportunities."
"Strategist' is the word that comes to my mind when I think about Kavita.
I had the pleasure of consulting my tech projects with Kavita, collaborating with her for a long time period.
I was particularly impressed by Kavita's business acumen and innovative ideas, but thanks to her experience and analytical skills it seemed to come perfectly natural to her. Kavita incorporated new business plans that led to drastically increased ROI."


Mrs Caster

"Kavita Sahai joined my company as a consulting CEO and immediately made a huge difference. After review of the company's financials and operations, Kavita came up with a strategic game plan for both the short and long term that were manageable while still trimming expenses. Her analytic approach left no options unturned. We continue to grow as a company and know that Kavita's expertise and constant evaluation will help steer us in a highly profitable direction."
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