Ryan Boylston – Co-Founder & Publisher at Four Story Media Group

Our company grew radically over a short period. A one man show that ballooned to a 10 person team overnight (at least that is what it felt like). We were successful, but fat. Our processes were present, but sloppy. Our team was solid, but under utilized.

Kavita came highly recommended from several sources and “got” us right away. How? By listening. Kavita takes a deep interest in your company and then challenges you to think differently about what your company SHOULD be. We needed to serve our clients better. We needed to become more efficient. We needed to reset internally. And most of all – we needed to set our bar higher.

Kavita made all this possible. She listened to our needs, dove into our company, and whipped us into shape. We are now more profitable and tracking in a very exciting direction. We are also more confident and relaxed (which is a big plus to any small business owner).

I can’t imagine what today would be like if we hadn’t engaged Kavita. We are very excited about continuing to hone what we have learned – and can’t wait for her to join our team again next quarter for some bigger and better opportunities.

Matthew Williams – Counselor/Trainer/Coach

Kavita greatly impacted the direction of my business. What started out as a part time hobby had grown into a business. My wife and I were doing what we thought was necessary and then we met Kavita! From our first meeting we got right to work and planned out the strategy to move our business forward.

She mapped out our goals, gave us assignments and got us on track to hit the goals we never thought possible. She is extremely smart, talented, professional and her experience is immeasurable. She’s a wealth of knowledge and by all of those talents and skills combined she is AWESOME. I would recommend her to any new startup or business that needs a fire lit under their……

Cary Caster – Owner, Product Development at 21 Drops

Kavita Sahai joined my company as a consulting CEO and immediately made a huge difference. As a small company, trimming expenses as well as increasing sales is of utmost importance to the bottom line. After review of the company’s financials and operations, Kavita came up with a strategic game plan for both the short and long term that were manageable while still trimming expenses.

Her analytic approach left no options unturned, while maintaining the integrity and gestalt of the brand. We continue to grow as a company and know that Kavita’s expertise and constant evaluation will help steer us in a highly profitable direction.

My Little Pudding

BIGplans has been a great sounding board for my business and my coach’s input is invaluable. She has helped me to set clear goals and consider new ways of establishing a subscriber base. After our meetings, I feel incredibly inspired and energized to work on my business. She is highly professional, detail oriented and full of brilliant advice.