When we are younger, we are accustomed to having teachers, tutors and sports coaches, but as we become adults many individuals do not consider the importance or benefits of how having a coach for professional endeavors can help our personal development and steer us in the right direction for obtaining our goals.

It is estimated that almost 50% of our adult lives revolves around our careers or business. Traditionally, working face to face with a business coach helps to encourage exploring new avenues and being pushed to try new tactics or ideas that you would never have on your own. In addition, a professional mentor can categorize and break down your goals into attainable milestones making it easier to tackle and drive the right mindset to successfully take your aspirations to the next level. Most often, this is because most people just clearly do not have a solid foundation plan or know what exactly would be the best method to try and reach where they want to be in another few years or decade.

Why have a Business Coach?

As an entrepreneur or startup founder, your own efficiency is equally, if not more important to the success of your business. Although someone may have a fantastic business acumen, such a wide range of skills are needed like planning, time management or data-driven decision making to ensure your operations longevity. Especially in the early days of launching a business, days are long, chaotic and demanding, which strains your ability to always be thinking and acting efficiently.

This is where the perfect opportunity lies for engaging in the services of a professional business coach. A major barrier, especially for an individual caught up in the hectic world of entrepreneurship or launching a startup, is time. Making an appointment and trying to clear your schedule to allow for a personal coaching session, for many is just not a possibility with all the last minute demands that can arise.

Fortunately, BIGplans has adapted to this need and is offering text-based sessions for their clients. Recently, the market has seen a massive increase in text-based professional services that tap into our mobile obsessed, always on the go culture. Everything from sessions with a psychologist to personal shopping assistants can be accessed from the touch of a keypad.

BIGplans connects users with a personally certified coach that they can text anytime, and have a fluid conversation about business goals, roadblocks they may be encountering or even just to vent. Their advisors are required to have accreditation from a formal coaching program in addition to receiving training from BIGplans.

Digital Coaching for a Digital Generation

Not only does text based professional coaching offer a whole new level of accessibility and convenience, it is also affordable. Traditionally phone or in-person life coaching session averages $500 per hour, whereas BIGplans text-based services start a weekly subscription rate of $50. Service begins with a personalized phone call with your assigned coach to get an overview of your situation and define your unique goals. Among the many benefits, is the convenience of being able to send a message and get feedback right away versus having to wait for next week or next month’s appointment.

Affordability and convenience are two beneficial factors, but another consideration is not to view text-based business coaching as a lesser alternative to a traditional in-person session, but one that meets the demands and expectations of today’s mobile users. More and more people are becoming more comfortable with the style of instant messaging formats and can even express themselves better at times when they have the flexibility and are in the right mind frame to articulate their thoughts.

Personal Return On Investment

With coaches moving towards digital, the platform for professional development is being reinvented and easier than ever to access. For the nominal monthly fee that a text based service will cost, your personal return on investment is substantial. In 2009,  ICF performed a Global Coaching Client Study which polled thousand of professionals receiving business coaching and revealed that on average individuals reported an 80% boost in self-confidence, 72% increase in effective communication skills and that their overall work performance improved by 70%.

If you have ever been intrigued about how receiving business coaching can help fuel your success and career, now it is as simple as messaging someone on a daily basis. No matter how busy or demanding your schedule may be, with the convenience of a mobile platform, insightful strategies and goal planning can be discussed whenever you have a few moments to spare, whether that be waiting for a subway or in between meetings. Your future self with thank you for the investment. Schedule your FREE consultation today.