Raising Money

What if you could get the money you needed to create the business of your dreams?

What if that meant simultaneously building a community of fans and/or getting more smart people to start thinking of your business.

I hope one day I get to learn all about your BIG plans! A lack of funding is the main reason for the failure of most small businesses. There is an abundance of capital out there so I do not want this to be your story. My biggest piece of advice is to get over any fear of rejection and get started on the pathway to success. I have worked on over $800 million in successful investment transactions both as an investor funding companies and as an operator seeking funds so I have a 360 view of the funding process. I have included many insider tips that will make you successful.

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  • The executive summary template will help you create a solid introduction to your company and business plan so that potential investors will want to read more.
  • The 5-year projection model walks you through the process of determining your expenses, revenue, assets, liabilities, and more to create a financial projection of your business.
  • A pitch deck that will wow investors and prevent your idea from getting stuck in the bottom of the pile. Includes 12 key components that we've found to be successful for our clients.
  • The 55 important questions that investors will ask get you prepared for the inevitable flurry of questions that any smart investor will be asking before they give you money.
  • The one-page business plan that lets you keep your BIG goals, value proposition, sales/marketing plans, and more in a clear and easy-to-understand format.